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Smooth operation

No more roller shutters but an alternative solution

Recently DHL opened a fully-automated distribution centre at Schiphol. This distribution centre is designed for the transshipment of parcels to the trucks that carry them to their destination. DHL has used roller shutters in other distribution centres, however these not only lack insulation but are also very noisy. So a number of aspects were important to this centre, including that the door could not take up too much space but must leave room for the lighting, and that it had to move smoothly without a lot of noise or delay. Because the doors are shut for most of the day but the loading station is connected to the rest of the building, insulation of the doors was also important.

Compact folding door meets requirements DHL

Once these specifications had been defined, the hunt was on for a door that could meet them. During a visit to the Logistica trade fair, they saw the Compact door on display and in operation, and knew that they had found the right door. Because the door folds up above the door opening there is plenty of space for lighting and a sprinkler system. The insulated door blade means that energy loss is limited, and when the door is open a company vehicle is situated in the loading bay so no warmth is lost. It also fulfilled one of the most important requirements – smooth operation. The panels fold up quietly and smoothly: the panels fold without noise, the electric motor is low noise and when the door closes the panels glide shut quietly using gravity.

Low maintenance costs, reducing noice and saving energy

As there are so many doors in the distribution centre, limiting noise-levels makes an important contribution to improving working conditions. An additional advantage is that the movement of the door consumes less energy and this guarantees a long life and low maintenance costs.

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