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More visible Components

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Choose the Compact folding door

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Save time, money and space

If you design a building you want, that it both functional and looks nice. One of the key elements can be the sectional door. Whichever door you choose, it must match the design of the building, inside and outside.

Inside the building the appearance of the door is often made subordinate to the functionality. It must above all fit in with the operational management and furthermore not much attention is paid to it. Visible hinges or steel constructions to support the door, small windows or visible greasy spring packs, cases which cannot be avoided in case of a traditional overhead door or roller door.

But you do not have to make concessions, the Compact folding door combines shape and function. The door looks good because of the hidden hinges, the lack of springs and the possibility of various types of glazing. The functionality and reliability of this folding door contributes to the continuity of your production process. Why would you choose less! You save time, money and space.

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