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Design of the Blue Box concept for Peugeot

Architects devised the “Blue Box” concept for Peugeot, and this has become the blueprint for all Peugeot sales and service points worldwide. The aim of this is to give all Peugeot centres worldwide a recognisable appearance. The outside of these centres must meet various requirements, but inside the garages and/or showrooms also want a specific design. For instance it is essential that there is space above the door opening, not only for various fixtures but also to allow space for the use of car lifting platforms.

Why Peugeot chose the Compact folding door

In designing these Blue Boxes the architect took account of the above, so when choosing the doors they assumed limited space above the door opening and no chance of fitting rails on the ceiling. There is also enough space to fit various features. The architect chose the Compact folding door because the door blade folds up, needing only a small space above the door opening. This means there is sufficient space to install all the necessary fixtures and car lifting platforms can easily be used even at their highest level.

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