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An innovative feature of our website is our DESIGN YOUR OWN DOOR program which we have developed for architects, designers, end users and our dealer network. In just 5 steps you can design your own door. As you choose from a wide range of alternative finishes, glazing and accessories an image of your door is developed on your screen. By return you will receive a quotation with cad/pdf drawing.


In the first step you can fill in the measurements / Compact folding door
In the second step you have to choose the desired glazing / Compact folding door
In the third step you can choose the desired colour / Compact folding door
In the fourth step you have to decide if you want to have a wicked door / Compact folding door
In the fifth step you can choose from the diverse accessories
At least you get an overview about the given information / Compact folding door

Design Features

  • Motor with standard push buttons for the electrical operated Compact Door.
  • Crank handle for emergency opening of the door.
  • Aluminum stucco design panels with an optimal level of insulation.
  • Flexible rubber seals (for perfect closing).
  • Polyester coating in 10 different standard colours.
  • Integrated hinges made of stainless steel.
  • Automatic locking system on all doors. This unique and standard safety system prevents undesirable uplift from outside. The door is burglar proof as standard and does not need additional shoot bolts.
  • Fall-safety device which stops the door from falling down when the steel cables breaks.
  • Slack cable tension alert device. This will increase the safety of a running Compact Door. It will stop the engine if any problem occurs with one of the lifting cables.


  • CE-mark and in compliance with the strict European safety guidelines and regulations.
  • Top- or front motor position where space is an issue.
  • Protection shield when the door is installed externally or in a very moist atmosphere.
  • Motor protection shield for extra protection of the electrical components.
  • Manual chain over-ride for emergency opening.
  • Wicket door in the door blade.
  • Pass door fitting next to the Compact Door.
  • Powder-coated rails and folding plates in a RAL colour of your choice. Used for extra protection or simply for aesthetic purposes.
  • Powder-coated hardware parts in RAL 9006.
  • Glazing with windows or full-vision panels of your choice.
  • Ventilation gratings of your choice.
  • Storm-package.
  • A safety edge for user comfort and safety on electrically operated doors.


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