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Overhead door obstructing the water

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Choose the Compact folding door 

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Saving time, space and money

When there is a fire, you want it to be extinguished as quickly as possible. One of the quick solutions within a business is a sprinkler system. As soon as the fire detectors are activated, the sprinklers are switched on automatically. If all goes well, a starting fire is quickly nipped in the bud.

If a fire occurs, for example during loading and unloading, you also want it to be immediately extinguished. With a traditional overhead door the it will block some of the sprinklers. As an overhead door is often guided over rails along the roof or ceiling, there will be no optimum use of the sprinkler system possible. As a result, the extinguishing water does not end up where it should be and the chance that the fire gets out of control is much bigger.

Ideally, you want a sectional door that does not block the sprinklers in case of emergency. The advantage of the Compact folding door is that it folds over the door opening, so no rails along the roof or ceiling are needed. And sprinklers are no longer blocked. A safe idea!

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