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There are many different commercial doors. With the development of the Compact Tor, we have made your choice easier. With this innovation, we offer you a gate that combines the advantages of different types of business. Rolflex Netherlands offers you a service door that combines all the advantages of the different types of commercial doors on the market. Our Compact door is characterized by simple operation and low maintenance.

Rolflex service door: All advantages combined in the Compact Tor

In comparison to other conventional service doors, such as overhead doors and roller shutters, the Compact door is often the best option. The Rolflex Compact doors combine the best of two worlds: a folding door with the features of a roller shutter door and the design of a ceiling sectional door.

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Optimal product with a focus on user-friendliness

Due to the increasing popularity of commercial gates, Rolflex has been looking for an optimal product. The focus was on designing a commercial door that would surpass other door types in the market. With this claim, the Compact door was developed. One of our main concerns was the user-friendliness. This is reflected, among other things, in the fact that the door offers extensive mounting options and flexibility in terms of design and placement.

Some advantages of the Rolflex gate over other door types

Easy to maintain: With other door types, much more maintenance is required due to the design. Such as adjusting the springs and maintaining the rail system. The Compact door prevents this because it has a cheaper construction.

Daylight incident: Many commercial doors are opaque, which means that no daylight can shine into the building. The Compact door is available with windows, full glazing and a wicket door.
in contrast to other doors, a Compact door always fits. This means that no complex constructions have to be developed.

Space saving:
Thanks to the folding technology and the rail system, our industrial door can be used anywhere and can therefore be installed to save space.

Full Vision Compact folding door

Why choose the Compact Tor?

The Compact door offers a number of advantages. You can see a few here:

  • Space saving
  • External installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Design freedom
  • No overhead supports - space for tubing, sprinklers and overhead cranes
  • Wicket door possible
  • Daylight thanks to full glazing or windows

All benefits at a glance

Compact door as a combi version Would you like to know more about the Compact door from Rolflex?

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