Folding door
Manufacturer of the Compact door

1. Policy Statement

It is the policy of Rolflex to operate a quality system to ensure that the supply of the Compact Door to its customers conforms with their requirements and Rolflex specifications.

The company has developed its own in-house procedures. All functions are computer generated from the receipt of order to the selection of components for manufacture and checked ready for dispatch.

The company has a culture of safe working both in the factory and for the installation of its products on site.

This policy is implemented throughout the company for all its activities. All employees are responsible for the quality of their own work and encouraged to achieve high standards and meet the delivery programs of their clients and profit targets of the company.

The Chief Executive is ultimately responsible for the implementation of the policy with day to day running delegated to the commercial and production managers. It is the policy of the company to continue the development of its products, management systems and manufacturing techniques.

Rolflex fabricates the majority of the door components in its own factory with the exception of the motors, control boxes and other electrical accessories.

Approved by:
Joost Megens
Chief Executive

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