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2.8 Summary

Each gate has a unique design / Compact folding door

Architectural Design

The simple structure of the Compact door gives an architect the freedom to design to their own imagination.

Full vision / full glazing for security / Compact folding door

Fully Glazed

All types of different glazing is possible. The doors can be provided with single safety glass up to insulated double acrylate or polycarbonate in many variations.


A wicket door in the door leaf saves energy and allows a faster entry into the room / Compact folding door

Wicket Door

To save energy and provide frequent pedestrian access a wicket door with a low threshold can be built into the Compact door. An ideal replacement for an old roller shutter.


Outdoor installation is the perfect solution if there is no space in the interior / Compact folding door

Outside Installation

The Compact door is the only insulated sectional door which can be installed on the outside of a building. This due to the fact that the Compact door does not need overhead rails and is self-supporting.


With a high-speed opening you save time and thanks to the warning lights on the safe side / Compact folding door

High speed and Traffic Control

In order to help the customer with logistics, the Compact door can be provided with high speed opening and automatic closing. It also helps the customer in saving energy.


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