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Design freedom

The choice for the Compact folding door is the result of the task facing the architect Foster+partners when designing the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, it involved saving space and creating a unity of inside and outside. To achieve this they created a building in which all the external design features – such as cladding on the facade – match. However this gave rise to the problem that normal industrial doors did not correspond with the requirements of the design. The necessary space-saving cannot be achieved with an overhead door, and a roller shutter interfered with the freedom of the design. A combination of both had to be the solution.

Solution: Space saving and design freedom combined in one industrial door

When searching for a suitable solution to these requirements it became clear that the Compact door could deal with both at once: its folding system guarantees space-saving and makes it possible to design the door to meet the client’s requirements. With a coordinating use of colour and glazing the Compact door can be precisely adapted to the design of the building.A new production centre was built in 2011 and once again the Compact door was used. Because the previously-fitted doors had operated efficiently for years with minimal maintenance costs, the choice was an easy one.

Rolflex fixed value in McLaren Technology Centre

In the new centre, glass boxes house the dynamic testing of the cars and are sited at the end of the assembly lines; one box contains a car wash. The Compact doors are located at the ends of each glass box and are fully-glazed and have a powder-coated finish. The carwash also features a Compact door with motors suitable for a carwash. This project shows that an architect’s freedom in designing a building does not have to be restricted by the essential elements installed in that building.

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