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Tubing and sprinklers

The international TT circuit in Assen has 70 team workshops along the pitlane.  Here, amongst other things, the engines are tested and prepared for the race.  Exhaust gases can rapidly accumulate in these small spaces and there is also a risk of fire.  So it is important to remove these gasses rapidly using extraction systems, and to extinguish potential fires there must be a sprinkler system.  

Solution for a complex situation

The building has a specified height so there is limited space above the door opening.  All in all a complex situation requiring a solution that does not take up a lot of space.  The search ruled out use of roller shutters because of the low insulation.  Use of overhead doors was not an option either, because the overhead door moves along a steel structure on the ceiling, but this prevents installation of a sprinkler system, as well as an extraction system.  In the end the architect of the building chose the Compact door.

Insulated sandwich panels

Because the panels fold up into a small space above the door opening it leaves sufficient space for fitting the necessary equipment.  The door has insulated sandwich panels and as an additional advantage has as standard an integrated door security kit which helps to safeguard against unwanted visitors.  Not an excessive luxury in these workshops!

International succes for the Compact folding door

 Naturally other building owners face similar problems: in the UK the Motor Industry Research Establishment also opted for the 35 Compact folding doors in its workshops.  Because of its compact dimensions the folding door is far and away the best suited for use in small spaces.  The MIRA workshops are used by all leading engine manufacturers for testing. 

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