Folding door
Manufacturer of the Compact door

3.13 Quality Procedures

All Operations in the factory and the material stock warehouse are computer generated to ensure that our doors are produced to the correct specification and the highest Quality.
Following receipt of the order confirmation each door is given it’s own unique serial/order number from fabrication to dispatch. All the components of the door are cross referenced on the computer programm with this serial number.

Before the door can be released for packing and dispatch all components of the door are barcode scanned to check that it’s specification matches the order confirmation. Each production step is registered and recorded, time, date and the operative. On dispatch the serial number of the door is located on the control box and the red log book which also contains the specification of the door and the user manual.

Monthly Testing

  • A random pull test of the door panel to test the adhesion of the sandwich construction.
  • A random pull test of the side tracks and the folding plates which will identify any inaccuracy of the machine tooling.


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