The unique Compact™ door

  • Space-saving: no overhead rails
  • Durable and low maintenance
  • Versatile: endless design options
  • Online configuration and price calculation

Do you need commercial sectional doors?

Are you looking for new befitting commercial sectional doors for your property? Should it principally be practical, protect your goods from uninvited guests and give you quick and easy access? Is it also a bonus that the door matches the appearance of your building? Rolflex’s Compact commercial sectional doors go next level than the typical sectional doors. Our doors redeem space, are well insulated and have a nice finish.

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Space saving commercial sectional doors

Rolflex’s doors do not have ceiling rails thanks to the smart folding system. That is why our doors barely take up any space behind the door compared to standard commercial sectional doors. As so forth you will have more space for your goods.

Because this door folds up above the doorway, rather than running up and in on rails along the ceiling, it takes up way less space and can easily be tucked away. This is ideal when you want to place an installation close to the doorway or when installation space is limited.

Our commercial sectional door has all the advantages of a traditional door, plus:

  • No ceiling rails, more space: Due to the unique folding system, the underlying panels fold up above the door opening. No ceiling rails are required. So you have more space for installations or lighting than with a standard door and you can finish the space nicely.
  • Wicket door possible: The commercial sectional door is also available as a roller door with a wicket door. This allows people to enter the building without having to open the entire door.
  • Low maintenance: The most standard doors are equipped with balance springs. Balance springs require maintenance and must be replaced. Our commercial sectional door has no balance springs and requires less maintenance than other doors.

Customized commercial sectional doors

Our doors are always custom made to completely meet your needs.  Almost all parts of the door can be supplied in any colour, so that the door blends in flawlessly with the rest of the property. For example, think of windows, a high-speed motor or a sectional door with a wicket door. The door is protected against burglary as standard and meets all safety standards. The commercial sectional doors for your building can be mounted on the outside of the room or building so that you can use your space optimally.

Compose your sectional door yourself and receive your quote immediately

Did you know that you can put together your commercial sectional doors yourself online? With the configurator you can design your own door, of course freely accessible and without any obligation. Would you like a quote for your sectional door, or a technical drawing? This can also be done via the configurator!


Awesome projects we have done

Compact sectionaldoor at the padelcourt
Netherland | Other projects

Compact sectional door at Hal22 in Utrecht

Our Compact sectional door was used at the padel courts of Hal22 in Utrecht. Read more about this beautiful project here.

Compact sectional door with wicket door
Netherlands | Car workshops

Sectional Door with Wicket Door for Workshop in Bavel

This workshop owner had a number of requirements for his new sectional door. It had to be space-saving, have a wicket door and provide a modern look for the entire building. The Compact sectional door delivered.

Compact folding door in temporary building
The Netherlands | Temporary buildings, Other projects

Beachclub In Zwolle

Ook in tijdelijke bouwwerken permanente kwaliteit.

TT Circuit Assen Ferrari
The Netherlands | Car workshops

Industrial doors at TT Circuit Assen

Practical doors in a place where innovation defines victory.

Free online design and quotation

Design your Compact™ door online

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  • See what your ideal door looks like
  • Receive a quotation from a reseller in your region
  • Download drawings and REVIT files
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