The unique Compact™ door

  • Space-saving: no overhead rails
  • Shipping possible within 3 weeks
  • Versatile: endless design options
  • Online configuration and price calculation

Industrial door at logistics company New Zealand

Finding a space-saving industrial door is not that easy. Look no further with the Compact door. This is how this logistics company from New Zealand has chosen the Compact industrial door

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We installed industrial door at logistics company at a loading dock in New Zealand via our dealer in Singapore. They were looking for a space-saving and low-maintenance door. This is how they came up with the Compact industrial door that we designed. These industrial doors have a unique folding system which ensures that they fit everywhere and take up less space. In addition, the door is fully automated. This way you can easily and quickly open and close the door.

Compact industrial door fits where other doors do not

Due to the aforementioned folding system, the Compact door fits everywhere. For example, you do not have to take into account that you have too little space on the ceiling for the rails of an overhead door. Even if you have a crane runway, for example, it would be difficult with a classic door. But even for this, the Compact industrial door offers the solution. This customer also wanted something extra. He wanted a steel frame above the door for extra protection. This would not have been possible with a normal industrial door. Our industrial door at logistics company fits perfectly into this situation.

Completely adaptable to your wishes

Naturally, the Compact industrial door offers many practical advantages. But in addition to all these practical advantages, it also offers many visual advantages. This is because almost all parts of this industrial door can be completely adjusted in colour. The glazing can also be placed in the way you want. This ensures that the Compact industrial door is also suitable for your situation. This industrial door at logistics company also offers several other extras. Discover them all in our knowledge center.

Design your own Compact industrial door?

Are you completely convinced that the Compact door is the perfect door for you? You then have the option to compose your door online via the configurator on our website. This is freely accessible and of course completely without obligation. After this you can request a technical drawing or a quotation.

Free online design and quotation

Design your Compact™ door online

  • Select colour, sizing and options
  • See what your ideal door looks like
  • Receive a quotation from a reseller in your region
  • Download drawings and REVIT files
Or discover more about the compact door first


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