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Compact doors loved in spray booths

Compact doors in spray booths

In the world of industrial applications, the compact door has made a striking advance in recent years, particularly within spray booths. Since 2010, the use of Compact doors in spray booths has increased significantly, doubling their share within the overall product range.

Space saving and flexibility

The Compact door, known for its space-saving and efficient design, is increasingly seen as the ideal solution for accessing spray booths. Its space-saving construction and many design options, such as adding glass panels or a wicket door, are often reasons for choosing this door.

In the market, where side folding doors and opening garage doors are often still the standard, the Compact door can be a space-saving and easy-to-operate solution. Automatically opening doors that do not take up space on the shop floor offer a suitable solution in buildings where efficient use of space is important.

Proven track record

Rolflex has since supplied doors to many smaller and larger spray booth suppliers in the Netherlands and around the world. In the coming years, we also expect to launch specific product innovations aimed specifically at this market. Take a look at our spray booth door projects for some examples.

If this trend continues, we can expect Compact doors to play an even more prominent role in the world of spray booths and other industrial applications, continuing to contribute to improved performance, durability and workplace safety.

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