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New sectional doors for indoor riding arena in Luxembourg

Several Compact sectional doors were installed in the Ecurie Saint Georges Reckendall indoor riding arena. The doors fit perfectly into the overall appearance of the indoor riding arena. Since the panels unfold directly above the door opening, the door takes up less space than ordinary doors. This allows for efficient use of the limited space. In addition, the door moves up and down very quietly and contributes to improved energy efficiency.

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More space for stables

Traditional doors in riding arenas often take up a lot of valuable space that could be used elsewhere. The new Compact sectional doors elegantly solve this problem. They consist of several horizontal panels that fold up harmoniously on the ceiling and thus take up very little space when the door is open. This creates a free passage without disturbing ceiling rails or door leaves. The saved space creates plenty of room for various installations such as lighting or air conditioning.

Pleasant temperature thanks to insulation

In addition to saving space, the Compact sectional doors for the indoor riding arena also offer excellent insulation properties. The panels are both sound and heat insulating. As a result, the indoor riding arena remains pleasantly tempered even in cold winter months or on hot summer days, while unwanted noise is also minimised. This improved insulation not only contributes to the comfort of horses and riders, but also reduces heating and cooling costs.

Safety first

The sectional doors of the indoor arena can be effortlessly controlled at the touch of a button or even by remote control. This not only provides comfort, but also allows the door opening to be quickly adjusted to regulate air flow or light incidence. Thanks to intelligent sensor technology, closing doors can also react automatically to movements of persons in the door opening and open again. This ensures the safety of both two- and four-legged friends.

Modern appearance

The folding doors are designed to blend seamlessly into the ceiling and fold almost silently. This is made possible by special hinges and rails that ensure the doors move smoothly. These hinges are located between the panels in such a way that they are not visible from the outside or inside. The sectional doors blend in perfectly with the beautiful façade of the indoor riding arena in terms of colour and add the finishing touch to the building.

Easier access

All doors have been equipped with a wicket door to provide easy access for people. This way, you can simply use the personnel door instead of having to open the entire door. For safety, the door is equipped with an electronic safety device. This means that the sectional door can only be moved when the wicket door is closed.

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