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Compact sectional doors for municipal yard Nieuwveen

The new municipal yard in Nieuwveen is a hybrid construction in which various wood techniques have been applied. The building is composed of a combination of biobased and recycled materials. 4 Compact sectional doors were used in this project.

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The municipal yard of Nieuwveen has set itself the goal of setting an example in the field of sustainable management of public space with this circular municipal yard. The unique building is built entirely of wood and has a varied finish of recycled materials. The elongated building has a reptilian shape with a head, body and tail. The striking facade consists of Accoya wood and slats of recycled wood with different thicknesses and colour tones. In addition, special sectional doors close off the Nieuwveen municipal yard.

Energy saving

To reduce electricity consumption, Compact sectional doors with windows have been installed at the municipal yard that let in natural daylight and this reduce energy consumption (for lighting, for example). In total, four Compact doors with sandwich panels and windows were used for this project. The energy concept is based on a high sustainability ambition and is self-sufficient in energy.

Space saving

The Compact sectional door is not only energy-saving but also space-saving! It has no top rails, so there is enough space for high vehicles or to use the entire height of the building from the inside.

Interested in the energy-saving Compact door?

It is inspiring to see how a building with a high sustainability ambition and almost exclusively made of wood can still produce such a beautiful and sustainable result. Do you also want a perfect finish for your building? Then simply put together your desired sectional door with our 3D door configurator and discover the design options. You will automatically receive the appropriate drawings for your sectional door and a quotation. Of course you can also contact one of our advisors directly.

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