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Roller door with door for water treatment building

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With this water treatment plant in Wijster, Netherlands, the water treatment company Waterstromen B.V. together with the construction company Wopereis Staalbouw B.V. opted for the space-saving Compact roller door with door. The room closed by the Compact door is above a concrete silo. Various installations or machines are located in the room, which means that the installation space is limited. Therefore, the door should take up as little space as possible.

Little space? No problem.

A standard overheaddoor would not fit because of a machine that is located directly behind the door opening and several pipes that run along the ceiling. It would take up much more space than Compact roller doors because it runs inside the building via rails on the ceiling and thus takes up a large part of the ceiling. The Compact roller door with door folds into a small package over the door opening, taking up less space. The lighting and other installations thus have the entire room at their disposal.

Easy access

In this project, the decision was made to incorporate a wicket door in the door. This facilitates access to the premises, for fitters, for example. In this case, the door opens outwards due to the limited space inside. If desired, the wicket door on Compact doors can also be made to open inwards. This is unique for a roller door, as the opening direction of a wicket door on standard doors is always outwards.

From our point of view, a clear case for a project with very limited space. A project where the space-saving aspect of the Compact door is clearly visible.

In the video below you can see very well how little space there is behind the door and how space-saving the door folds out.

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