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Subdivision of the Full Vision panels and number of windows selectable for the Compact door
March 21, 2024 in News, Video

Subdivision of the Full Vision panels and number of windows selectable

A lot is possible with the Compact sectional door configurator and all changes are directly visible in the 3D image. You can choose the subdivision of the Full Vision panels and the number of windows yourself. Simply customise the sectional door as you wish. You can choose from various sectional door designs under the “Panels” […]
Industrial doors with wicket door
September 18, 2023 in News, Video

New project video about Alliander Westpoort

We have installed seven folding doors at the new regional location Westpoort of the network company Alliander. Four of them are sectional doors with a wicket door, so that access to the premises is easier. This also contributes to low energy consumption, as the entire door does not always have to be opened to let […]
The new hall in Gendringen
September 14, 2023 in News, Video

News from the construction site – concrete floor for production hall

Last week, the concrete floor of our new production hall was poured. This brings the hall another step closer to the final result. This hall will soon give us the capacity to increase production to achieve the desired growth. This is also where your door will soon be produced. The walls, the roof and now […]
industrial doors Anholt fire brigade
August 15, 2023 in News, Video

Project video: New industrial doors for Anholt fire brigade

We simply had to film this beautiful project about new industrial doors for the Anholt fire brigade, just over the Dutch border. A big thank you to Oliver Kiefmann and Jürgen Großkopf from the Isselburg volunteer fire brigade – Anholt, for their commitment on the day of filming. Extensive modernisation work was carried out at […]
Glass panel production Rolflex
April 29, 2022 in News, Video

Replacing the filling of Compact panels

Sometimes you have to replace the filling of Full Vision or Full Light panels on a Compact door. For example, because they are damaged or because the building owner want to change the design. You can easily replace the Full Vision panels by Full Light panels so that no one can take a look into […]
Rolflex mechanic installs a Compact door
February 27, 2022 in News, Video

Compact installation videos

The Compact door is no ordinary door. So the installation process is also very different. The unique folding mechanism is in principle easy to install, but there are specific things to keep in mind. The door will function optimally if all parts are installed correctly. Of course, the installation manual will guide you through the […]
Interview with Bert Tiemessen
December 7, 2021 in News, Video

Interview on the Rijn IJssel University project

Bert Tiemessen was recently interviewed by the online platform Bouwonline. In the interview he talks about the advantages of the Compact roller doors, especially about the Rijn IJssel University project. The interview is now available on the Bouwonline website, as well as on our own website and on social media. The ENKA Campus / Rijn […]
A space saving compact industrial door - Rolflex
October 22, 2021 in News, Video

Fire protection at Haveland in Rheden

At Haveland in Rheden, the Compact door was combined with a fire protection door to protect the goods. The fire door is connected to a fire alarm system so that it only closes in the event of a fire. Our Compact door, on the other hand, can be used every day as usual. Watch the […]
New dealer Tola installed its first overhead doors - Rolflex
October 14, 2021 in News, Video

New dealer Tola installed its first Compact doors

We love expanding our global Compact network. The new reseller Tola d.o.o. from Croatia shared this video of his first Compact door installation with us. Three doors were installed here as a partition between the different rooms. The doors are both inside and outside in modern anthracite grey (RAL 7016) and have a size of […]
Easy installation
September 27, 2021 in News, Video

Installation video of the Compact door

The Compact folding door is very different from other door types due to its special folding technology. This means that the installation of this door is different from that of ordinary sectional doors. For example, the panels are not stacked directly on top of each other in the rails, but are alternately stacked at the […]
New video about the Compact folding door by Remax doors
September 3, 2021 in News, Video

New video about the Compact folding door by Remax doors

This new video from our Compact dealer in Australia, Remax doors, shows the advantages of our Compact folding door. It is very space efficient, has a good insulation, endless design options and more! Very nice video Remax Doors
Production Compact door
September 10, 2020 in News, Video

Video: Wicket door integration

Did you know that wicket door integration in the Compact folding door is a true handicraft? As there are so many options, this part of the production process has not been automated yet. Watch our timelapse video below. Want to know more about the wicket door in our Compact door? Read our information page.

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