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Interview on the Rijn IJssel University project

Interview with Bert Tiemessen

Bert Tiemessen was recently interviewed by the online platform Bouwonline. In the interview he talks about the advantages of the Compact roller doors, especially about the Rijn IJssel University project. The interview is now available on the Bouwonline website, as well as on our own website and on social media.

The ENKA Campus / Rijn IJssel University project

The Rijn IJssel University is building a new campus in Arnhem. Thousands of students and teachers should soon get a place on this campus. The campus is being built on a site where thousands of workers in the textile industry have worked over the years. The ENKA factory once stood here, later AKZO and Teijin were located there. Part of this area will be set up as a campus for the Rijn IJssel University.

The Compact doors are installed in the vehicle training room of the Rijn IJssel University. A total of 8 roller doors were placed here. The main reason for choosing our doors is their compact design. Since there is no need for ceiling rails, there is plenty of space for the car lifts. In terms of design, the door also fits very well into the almost entirely glass design of this part of the building. The doors fit seamlessly into the rest of the design. Bert Tiemessen, Account Manager Netherlands at Rolflex, explains how this works in the video.

The perfect solution for car workshops

The training room is very similar to a typical car workshop. In such workshops, many different installations usually have to be accommodated in one room. For example, think of extraction, lifting platforms, lighting, etc. At the same time, it is also often a place where customers pick up and bring their cars, so the space must also be representative. The Compact roller door combines practical space savings with a sleek and modern appearance. That is why many car dealerships around the world have now opted for this roller door.

Watch the video (please enable subtitles)

You can find out more about this project here.

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