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Industrial sectional door at the car wash of BP Heuthorst

Optimal use of space is an important factor for the BP Heuthorst car wash in Gendringen. Here too, the industrial sectional door from Rolflex proved to be the ideal solution.

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The industrial sectional door at the car wash of BP Heuthorst in Gendringen needed to be replaced and the industrial sectional door from Rolflex looked like the ideal solution. Our Compact door is widely used in car washes, because there are no ceiling rails to hinder the washing installation. BP Heuthorst opted for even more space savings by installing the door entirely on the outside of the building.

Full vision panels for a clear view

Compact industrial sectional doors can be fitted with full vision panels. This means that there are transparent panels in the door that allow light to enter the building. In this way it is possible to take a look outside from the inside, or of course the other way around.

Save even more space with an outdoor mounting

The Compact door is mounted on the wall from the outside of the BP Heuthorst in Gendringen so that all parts of the door are outside the car wash. This way the space inside can be optimally used. In addition, the door is even better protected against aggressive agents and moisture that can damage the door components. Outdoor mounting is a good option, especially in a wet environment or with spray booths.

The industrial sectional door in car washes can be finished with a powder coating, stainless steel coated fasteners and a protective cover for the door package and the motor. This makes the door resistant to the weather and also beautifully finished.

Interested in the Compact door?

Our Compact doors have been custom made in our factory in the Netherlands for more than 25 years. At Rolflex you can compose your door according to your wishes so that you get the perfect door that suits you and your building! You can easily put together the Compact door online. Try it now!

Free online design and quotation

Design your Compact™ door online

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