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Car elevator at Heron dealership

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Car dealership Heron in Amsterdam has a glass elevator for cars on the outside of the building. This elevator should blend in with the rest of the building. As a traditional overhead door would have overhead rails that would limit the space and disturb the view, the company choose to install Compact folding doors.

Thanks to the external installation, the doors did not take up any space inside the elevator. A protective cover for the door panels and motor was coated in the same colour as the rest of the facade, ensuring a good blend. Moreover, glass panels were added to match the appearance of the showroom.

Top quality

Included features

Full vision panels

The Compact door can be fitted with transparent panels, as well as sandwich panels or translucent panels. When using transparent panels, you allow natural light to flow inside your building while having a crystal clear view at the same time. Transparent panels can be made of different materials. View our product knowledge center for all specifications.


External installation

The Compact door can be installed outside the building, in case there is no space inside. In elevators, this option is ideal, to maximise space inside. The door panels are folded above the door opening and are covered by a protective cover that can be painted in any RAL colour, to match the rest of the building.

Free online design and quotation

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