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How do you measure a Compact door?

Measuring a compact door

That’s how it works

It is very important to us that we always provide you with useful information. That’s why we regularly write articles for the product knowledgecenter, where you can find out everything about the Compact folding door. We also wrote an article about how to measure the custom made folding doors and what to look out for.

In the article, “How do I measure the correct Compact door size?”, we explain exactly how to measure the door. It is particularly important that you start with the clear measure. So, determine the width and height of the door opening. Only if you provide the correct dimensions it is possible to supply you with the right door and install the door without any problems. After all, our Compact folding doors are always custom made.

And around it?

But the space around the door must also be measured. Although the Compact door saves space, it also requires space for installation. A large door requires more space than a small one. The position of the motor also plays a major role. You can find out how much space you need on the sides, above and in front of the door opening in this article “How much free space do I need around the Compact door?”.

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