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Overhead doors for fire brigade in Isselburg

The Isselburg fire brigade on Adolf-Donders-Allee now shines in new splendour, thanks to extensive modernisation work that was recently completed. In particular, the fire brigade’s doors were brought up to the latest technical standard. After about four weeks of intensive work, not only was the interior work completed, but the old wooden doors from the 1960s were also replaced with modern, electrically operated folding doors.

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Providing safety

The installation of the new overhead doors was an important step in adapting the fire brigade to the changing requirements. The previous old wooden doors did not fit the future dimensions of the emergency vehicles. Neither in height nor in width. For this reason, it was decided to install these modern doors. They are not only meet the technical standards, but also the needs of the firefighters. The door system was also equipped with a light curtain and a traffic light to ensure safety during operation.

No more space problems

One of the most remarkable features of the new Compact overhead door is its folding principle. It does not need overhead rails. This makes optimal use of the fire brigade’s free ceiling space. In the case of the Anholt fire brigade, the Compact doors were even installed outside the building. In this way, the limited space inside is not compromised. This clever planning and installation allows emergency vehicles to enter and exit the fire station smoothly without encountering space problems.

Completely modernised

In addition to the doors, investments were also made in other interior work. So that the functionality and comfort of the fire brigade is improved. Around 20,000 euros were spent on a new interior paint job, plastering, insulation and installation work for the electrics, as well as non-slip tiling. These additional measures help to ensure that the fire station is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also meets safety and efficiency requirements.

Energy balance improved

Oliver Kiefmann, a member of the Anholt fire brigade, is enthusiastic about the changes. He emphasises that the fire brigade is now in a better energy position thanks to the new overhead doors. The modernisation has not only contributed to an improved energy balance, but also made the working conditions more comfortable for the firefighters. Wolfgang Terstegen from the municipal building management adds that the technology and the safety standard in the hall no longer met current requirements. Therefore, it was inevitable to carry out the modernisation measures. After all, the fire brigade should be able to operate on a contemporary and efficient level. With the new folding doors and the further interior work, the Anholt fire brigade is now ready to meet the challenges of modern firefighting in the best possible way.


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