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Lift houses with space-saving Compact industrial doors

Industrial door with wicket door for lift houses

Modern design

In the Vijzelgracht car park in Amsterdam, an innovative solution for parking and access has been implemented. A total of six Compact industrial doors were installed, which are seamlessly integrated into the lift system and give a modern look. This industrial door is not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing, as its colour perfectly matches the design of the lift houses and the glazing gives it a contemporary feel.

Fully automated

The Vijzelgracht parking garage is a fully automated car park that offers 270 parking spaces and cost around 20 million euros. Parking is extremely convenient: drive the vehicle into the lift of the lift houses, get out, enter the postcode and registration number, the industrial door closes automatically and the parking system finds a parking space for the vehicle on its own.

Wicket doors

The Full-vision Compact industrial door, which is the closure of the lift houses, has wicket doors, which makes it possible to exit the lifts quickly. These are completely adapted to the design of the doors and the lift houses. The doors are electronically secured so that the door can only be opened when the wicket door is completely closed.

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