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Beautiful project: Overhead door in Spain

Sectional door at textile company in Spain

A textile company in Spain had special requirements for the overhead door for their loading dock. The main problem was that the door had to be designed so that it could be installed directly in front of the clothes conveyor belt, which facilitated the smooth unloading of clothes from the truck at the conveyor belt. However, this proved to be a challenge as there were many beams and pipes behind the overhead door, which made it impossible to install a conventional door. In this situation, the Compact overhead door proved to be the ideal solution.

Exact interaction

Thanks to its ingenious folding system, the Compact door does not require any overhead rails. The area directly behind the overhead door in Spain is therefore freely available and could be used for the clothes conveyor belt. Thanks to the windows in the door, daylight enters the building and the staff can see the arrival of the transport vehicles directly.

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