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Customise Compact industrial door panels

Customise Compact industrial door panels - Rolflex

The new Compact industrial door configurator has a lot to offer. We have simplified the possibility of adapting individual panels. You can see directly in the 3D door animation which panels have been adapted and how the entire industrial door looks.

Decide for yourself whether you want a sandwich door leaf or a industrial door with already combined panels. Then you can see all the numbered panels under ” Edit panels”. By clicking on the corresponding panel, a drop-down menu appears with the selectable panels. If you change one of them, the adjustment is directly visible in the industrial door illustration. Combine sandwich panels with windows, Full Vision or Full Light versions. Even a combination of Full Vision with Full Light is possible.

With the glazing options, you can also choose the type of filling (with Full Vision), the colour (with Full Light) or the window shape and the number of windows/ compartments per panel.

Watch the video to see how easy it is to customise the panels.

In this article you will learn more about how the Compact Door Configurator works.

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