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New video: Compact industrial doors Melkhal Enschede

Compact roller door at Melkhal Enschede

Last year, Rolflex installed a number of Compact industrial doors in the Melkhal in Enschede. In this renovation project, the doors are used as an entrance to the supermarket. The contractor had to install a fireproof barrier here. A fully fireproof door turned out to be financially unfeasible. A combination of a Compact industrial door with a fire-resistant screen turned out to be the solution. Just as safe and financially more interesting. Thanks to the compact installation dimensions of the Compact door, no space is lost, despite the fact that two door systems are installed next to each other.

Watch the video on our project page.

About the Melkhal

The Melkhal is a former dairy factory in Enschede. The building had been empty for several years when it was decided to give the building a new destination. Although construction has not yet been completed, it already houses a supermarket and offices. Renovating such a building always involves challenges. Fortunately, the Compact industrial door can be used in many ways and it turned out to be a good solution for the entrance to the supermarket in the Melkhal. The doors are installed on the front as well as on the back of the building.

Combination with roller screen

As the contractor explains in the video, fire-resistant roller doors are a costly affair. So much so that the installation of the Compact door in combination with a fire-resistant roller screen turned out to be a more economical solution. The Compact service door is placed on the inside of the door opening. On the outside, the roller screen, which only closes in case of fire. This solution is used more often, for example also in the Haveland project in Rheden. The project page of that project also shows a video of the roller screen in operation.

Rolflex does not supply the roller screens itself, but it may be able to put you in touch with suppliers.

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