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Rolflex proud of contribution to Boijmans architecture prize

Depot Boijmans van Beuningen

Rolflex is proud that one of our recent projects has won an award. Depot Boijmans van Beuningen won the BNA architecture prize last week for the best building in the Stimulating Environments category. Rolflex has supplied several Compact sectional doors to the building.

The building has a lot to offer both inside and out. Not only the reflective panels of the facade are an eye-catcher, the doors within the building are also unique. The facade of the 40 meter high building is completely covered with reflective panels that reflect the skyline of Rotterdam. In this building, art that cannot be found in the art museum proper next door is stored and at the same time made accessible to the public.

The jury said about the project, that the “perfectly finished facade attracts people like a magnet. The spectacular entrance and staircase, walkable showcases and shop window-like spaces stimulate visitors to view the artworks in their own way from different perspectives.” The building was designed by the architectural firm MVRDV.

We are proud to have contributed to this great project by installing several Compact sectional doors.

Compact sectional doors save space

Our Compact sectional doors in Depot Boijmans ensure that the various warehouses within the building are subdivided. The building has five climate zones, so the quality of the partition doors had to be optimal. The climate control system was not allowed to be hindered by ceiling rails or other annoying door components.

The 4.5 meter high sectional doors are custom made for this project and composed of Full Vision panels, so that users have a good view of oncoming people and an open atmosphere is created.

Thanks to the space-saving folding system of the Compact door, the ceiling around the door is free for lighting and climate systems. The door can be opened with a pass, making the valuable works of art safe from unwanted visitors.

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