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Installation of panels of industrial doors

panels of industrial doors are stacked in the rails

Panels of industrial doors from the brand Compact are installed in a different way than the panels of a sectional door. If you know what needs to be done differently during installation, it’s just as easy as with other industrial doors.

Since Compact doors are industrial doors that fold up to open, the panels are stacked on top of each other in the tracks and connected to each other one after the other. It is important to ensure that the hinges are placed correctly so that the door can fold up easily.

However, there are other things to consider when installing an industrial door with a wicket door. Here the wicket door is already worked into the industrial door in our production and the four bottom panels are screwed together.

You can find out exactly what you have to consider in this article.

Entire installation

In addition to this article, we have also made some installation videos for you. More videos will be added gradually, in which we explain how easy it is to install the Compact industrial door.

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