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Construction site update: Windows and Compact folding door

Meanwhile, the windows of the new production hall have been installed and the Compact door has also found its place in the building. The result is impressive, as the folding door fits perfectly into the overall picture. To create a modern design, the Full Vision panels were foiled in black to prevent direct views. But at the same time, daylight can shine through.

Of course, we also want to make the best possible use of the space in our own building. With the unique compact design of the folding door, this is possible. Plenty of space inside for all the installations that will follow.

But we’re not finished yet. Work is still ongoing on the access road and the car parks for employees and visitors, and there is also something going on in the hall itself. After all, the various production steps have to be moved to their new locations. However, we are planning the relocation so that production can continue as usual.

Find out more about Rolflex; the manufacturer of the Compact door.

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