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New owner Rolflex to stimulate growth.

Rolflex building

This week it was announced that Rolflex will change hands after 32 years. On May 17, 2023, Berk Partners Growth Fund and Managing Director Maarten Coerman joined as shareholders. Coerman, together with the existing management team, is the driving force behind Rolflex. Together they will focus on further expanding Rolflex in the coming years.

The base remains in the Netherlands

Rolflex has been active as a producer of the Compact folding door since the mid-1990s. This door has now become a household name for door connoisseurs all over the world, thanks to its unique folding system. The doors can be admired on the Formula 1 circuit in Barcelona and in the production location of McLaren, but also at very diverse companies in the Netherlands – where Rolflex still has its production location and head office in Gendringen in the Achterhoek region.

Growth ambition

Rolflex has strong growth ambitions. It wants to double its door production in the coming years, among other things through further professionalization, enlarging the production facilities and the expansion of the international dealer network. Maarten Coerman was appointed general manager in January of this year to help realize these ambitions. He has gained the necessary experience in professionalizing medium-sized, international organizations in the manufacturing industry and machine building. “It is great to see where Rolflex has come independently in recent years: From a small company to a great organization with a worldwide customer base. However, there is much more potential in it. I am convinced that as a team we will realize Rolflex’s growth ambitions”, says Coerman.

“The collaboration with Berk Partners is a conscious choice,” says Frank Govaert (partner at Berk Partners). “This collaboration offers Rolflex the opportunity to grow further through more attention to innovation and commerce, in which Berk Partners will support to further shape the growth.”

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