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New Compact folding doors for fire brigade

New Compact industrial doors for fire brigade

The Bocholter Borkener Volksblatt (BBV) reported on the modernisation of the fire brigade in Anholt (Germany) with new Compact folding doors and other interior work.

The newspaper reported that the doors of the Anholt fire brigade on Adolf-Donders-Allee are now of the latest technical standard. In addition, after about four weeks, the interior work and the replacement of the old wooden doors from the 1960s with modern, electrically operated folding doors have now been completed.

According to BBV, the installation of the new folding doors cost a total of about 24,000 euros. Since the previous old doors did not fit the future dimensions of the emergency vehicles in terms of both height and width, it was decided to install these doors. The door system is equipped with a light curtain and traffic lights.

Entire space usable

The folding principle of the Compact door does not require any ceiling rails, which means that the free ceiling space of the building can be used optimally. In this project, the Compact doors were even installed outside the building in order to not further compromise the limited space inside.

Energy balance improved

Oliver Kiefmann from the Anholt fire brigade explains that the fire station is also in a better energy position due to the installation of the new folding doors. Another 20,000 euros were used for a new interior paint job, plastering, insulation and installation work for the electrics and a non-slip tiling, he reports. “The technology and safety standard in the hall no longer met current requirements,” notes Wolfgang Terstegen from the municipal building management. “That’s where we had to take action.”

Rolflex is proud of this beautiful project just across the border from our factory and we hope they enjoy using it.

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