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Overhead crane and commercial doors; impossible combination?

Overhead crane and commercial doors;

We were recently approached by a customer who had a building in which overhead cranes had to be mounted in combination with commercial doors. Some new (!) standard overhead doors were recently installed, but the overhead rails of those doors hindered the installation of the crane track. The only solution was to replace all new doors with the Compact commercial door without overhead rails. A costly design flaw that fortunately can be avoided.

Space for the overhead crane at the service door

What exactly is the problem? Many standard commercial doors use overhead rails that are mounted directly behind the door opening. It is exactly at this location that the girder or rail of the overhead crane is situated as well. As a result, a standard overhead door is usually not an ideal combination with an overhead crane, since the rails would cross each other. However, there are several alternatives that are possible.

Install the door vertically

One of the options is to install the commercial door vertically, if there is sufficient space above the commercial door. In this case, the rails of the commercial door are fixed vertically, so it can go up the wall. This option is only possible if the space between the top of the door and the roof is high enough.

Another option is an elevated installation, if there is limited headroom. In this case, the overhead door can run directly under the ceiling, provided that sufficient space is left between the supporting beam of the crane track and the roof for the rails. Whether raised installation is possible depends on the location of the crane track in the room.

A Compact industrial door always fits

Finally, you can also opt for a door system that does not use an overhead rail system. An example of this is the Compact folding door. This system is exactly the same as a standard industrial door on the outside, but completely different on the inside. The door panels of this commercial door fold up like a harmonica above the door opening. This eliminates the need for rails that can hinder the crane track and therefore gives you more options for installation. The overhead crane can be placed quite close behind the commercial door and you can use the top space. The panel package can be placed at any desired height above the door opening so that you have all the space for the crane track.

Are you considering combining a crane track with a commercial door in your building? Request all specifications from both parties in time so that you know what fits your situation. Suppliers of both types of products are happy to help you ensure a good integration.

The Compact door has been the most installed door on crane tracks for years because of its space-saving feature. View our reference projects for more information.

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Overhead crane and commercial doors;

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