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Preview: New Compact Configurator

New Compact door configurator

Rolflex will soon be launching a new Compact door configurator. This version has better visualizations and more options than the current version. You can already take a look at this preview video.

Why a new door configurator?

Because all Compact doors are custom-made, the configurator is an important part of our work process. The configuration is used as a basis for quotations and, if approved, the configuration is transferred to production. The configurator allows us to automate this process, which reduces the risk of errors.

The new configurator shows even better what the new Compact door will look like. There are more wicket door options, more color options and you can visualize things such as windows and profiles even better.

What did not change?

Nothing has (yet) changed in the process following the quotation request. Dealers known to us will therefore still receive a request directly in their inbox. We will optimise this process in the future, but it will not change with the new configurator going live.

When will the new configurator go live?

We expect that the current configurator will be completely replaced by the new one within a few months.

The new configurator is still in beta testing. That means it is fully functional, but we may still make minor adjustments based on user feedback. We cordially invite you to try out the new configurator and let us know what you think. This can be done, for example, via the feedback button in the configurator or by sending an email to marketing@rolflex.com.

You can find the new configurator at configurator.rolflex.com

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