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New intern in the IT department

Luuk Bosmann

For a few weeks now, since August 22 to be precise, Luuk Bosmann (18) has been doing his internship in our IT department. He is currently in his second year of training as a software developer at Graafschap College in the Netherlands. As a Software Developer, he later wants to design, implement and maintain applications and software, for example e-commerce platforms, apps or video games.

What are his plans?

Once Luuk graduates with an MBO, he plans to continue his studies at HBO to further develop his skills and find out exactly what his future career will be. He knows that he wants to do something in Software Development, this internship helps him on his way.

What does he do during his internship?

Since our permanent development team is busy with various projects, we could use additional support to further develop our website and our other applications. Luuk is now working on making various adjustments to the Rolflex website and will soon start developing an app to be used in production.

What does he do besides his education?

In addition to his training as a Software Developer and the internship at Rolflex, he works, often on Tuesdays and Thursdays, at a drugstore. In his spare time he likes to play games on PC or Nintendo, which is of course a perfect fit for a future Software Developer. He really likes to try different games. But above all, shooter or action games are his favourites. Currently he is fascinated by Overwatch, in which a team of elite soldiers fights against robots for peace. But that’s not the only way he escapes the stresses of everyday life, he is also a fan of good films. He especially enjoys watching exciting thrillers and horror films.

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