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Who is Marvin?

Marvin production engineer at Rolflex

Marvin is the production engineer at Rolflex. But he is also a father of two daughters and his third daughter is on the way. In his spare time he likes to play tennis and doing various DIY jobs. In addition to his work, Marvin is also studying technical business administration. He has always been interested in the processes within production and is therefore always looking for improvements.

Before Marvin started his adventure at Rolflex, he worked as a work planner in another company. There he supervised the production, made plans and did everything in preparation for the production.

What does Marvin want to achieve within Rolflex?

Because Rolflex is the developer and producer of the custom-made Compact sectional doors, there is always room for improvement. Unlike the traditional door, the Compact door folds up above the entrance when opened. This sectional door not only saves space, but is also easy to operate and very maintenance-friendly.

The Compact doors are produced in a modern factory in Ulft. Automated production processes in combination with manual work guarantee a constant and high quality which meets the European standards and guidelines. Within Rolflex, Marvin would like to optimize the production process and make production easier than it already is.

The fun of working at Rolflex

We asked Marvin what he thinks of his position at Rolflex. To that he replied, ‘I’m really happy to be here in the company. There is a nice working environment and it is a company full of nice employees where everyone gets along well.” Learn more about Rolflex.

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