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Rolflex launches Compact parts webshop (for resellers)

Compact parts webhop

This week, our new parts webshop went live. Compact door resellers can easily order parts in this webshop. At any time of the day, from anywhere.

Conveniently arranged, always online

“Until now, resellers ordered their parts by phone and it could sometimes be unclear which parts were available to order. In the new Compact parts webshop we can show all parts in a conveniently arranged way and a request can be made immediately,” says Kevin Reinders , the After Sales specialist at Rolflex who is responsible for handling these orders.

Easily accessible parts webshop

The webshop can be found at shop.rolflex.com and is intended for Compact resellers. After all, resellers know how to install the part on the Compact door. Want to learn how the webshop works? Go directly to shop.rolflex.com.

How about prices and payment?

The webshop does not provide pricing information on the products (yet). After placing the parts in your shopping basket and providing us with your contact details, you will receive an email with prices for the products you want to order. You can confirm the order by replying to the email.

Custom parts

A custom door obviously also includes custom-made parts. How does that work? Kevin explains: “Based on the door number, we can go far back in our order history and, supply the right part in the right size and color. When ordering custom parts in the Compact parts webshop, it is therefore important to keep the door number, which is on the control box, at hand.”

Try it now!

Take a look at the Compact parts webshop and see for yourself how well-organized it is. Go to shop.rolflex.com and experience it for yourself.

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