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What is different about a Compact wicket door?

Gray Compact door with wicket door

A wicket door is a door that is built into a sectional door. It is easier for people to get into the building through these than through the door. This is why these wicket doors are primarily chosen when the sectional door is used as a means of access for people. That way you don’t have to open the whole sectional door. Wicket doors can be built into different types of doors. However, there are some important differences that you should be aware of.

All benefits at a glance:

  • Possible with the folding door
  • Inward or outward opening direction
  • Hinge side and position selectable
  • Freedom of design with a beautiful finish

Compact makes the difference

There are many sectional doors that have a wicket door. However, when opened, these sectional doors run along the ceiling into the building and thus take up a lot of space. The Compact door, on the other hand, folds up into a small package, even with a wicket door, so that the ceiling space remains free and can be used. In order for the unique folding system to work, the folding door is always custom made. The door is integrated directly into the folding system, since it must be able to fold together with the folding door. For this reason, it is not possible to install wicket doors from another type in the folding door. Incidentally, the Compact door is the only folding door in which a wicket door can be integrated.

Opening direction freely selectable

Another advantage of the Compact wicket door is that you can freely choose the opening direction. The folding door can be produced according to your wishes so that the wicket door can be opened either outwards or inwards. A wicket door that opens inwards is advantageous if, for example, a pedestrian path leads right past the door. There is no longer any risk of injuring a pedestrian with the wicket door. But it can also be useful in many other cases if the wicket door opens inwards. With a sectional door, on the other hand, this choice cannot be made because the wicket door must rest on the door frame when the door is opened, which is only the case with an outward-opening door. Otherwise, the door could unintentionally swing down from the ceiling and cause damage.

Right or left?

Depending on where the sectional door is used, it can be important to think carefully about which side the wicket door should be hinged on. It should restrict the space behind the sectional door as little as possible when it is open and should not be a hindrance. The position of the wicket door in the sectional door should therefore also be chosen with care. Fortunately, you can choose all of this with the Compact wicket door.

Hinge right, opening inside
Hinge on the right, opening outside
Hinge on the left, opening inside
Hinge on the left, opening outside

Not only practical, but also chic

But the Compact folding door with wicket door is not only practical, it also looks very good. With this door there is neither a disturbing ceiling suspension nor unsightly hinges. The hinges lie between the panels and are therefore invisible. In addition, both the folding door and the wicket door can be freely designed. So, the door fits very good in showrooms, as a partition wall in the building or even as an elevator door. The possible applications are limitless.

Would you also like to have such a door?

No problem! Simply design your dream door with a wicket door in our door configurator and we will send you an offer by email. Incidentally, you can also have the door installed in your folding door afterwards. Contact our salespeople for more information.

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