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Introducing our new intern!

Introducing our new intern!

Last week a new intern started at Rolflex. We had been looking for a marketing intern for a while and we have now found one. Below he will tell you a little about himself.

Who am I?

Hello, my name is Sven Muller and I am the new intern at Rolflex. I am 18 years old and currently living in Dinxperlo, The Netherlands. Now I am studying employee marketing and communication level 4 at Graafschap College. I am currently in the third and final year of this course. So, I hope that by completing this internship and some exams I can complete my education this year. After completing this education, I want to continue my studies at the HAN in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Here I want to study Sports Science as this is a combination of sports (which I like to do) and economics, which I study and want to grow in.

What sports do I do?

In terms of sports, I do football, fitness and I also go karting on the weekend. I have been playing football for about 14 years now. I do this at FC Dinxperlo under 19-1. Still really enjoy doing it after 14 years and want to continue doing this for a long time. Since 1 year I also do fitness 5 times a week. I have been karting for 5 years now. Usually I do this in Eefde, the Netherlands, but also occasionally in Germany in Emsbüren. Since 1 year I also participate in competitions.

What period will I do an internship?

I will do an internship in the period from January 10 to approximately May 18. This still depends on when I have completed the number of internship hours. During this period, I hope to learn a lot about the company itself, but also about the work of a marketing employee. I also like to gain a lot of experience for my further education and for when I later work at a company, of course.

Why I chose Rolflex.

I applied at Rolflex because I saw their vacancy on a website and it immediately aroused my interest. This is because I have the idea that I can develop well here as a marketer, but also in many other areas. After a short interview, I had already become very enthusiastic about this internship and luckily, I was allowed to start from January 10th.

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