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Villa with garage doors in Kuwait

Panels with windows as design options for industrial doors

A splendid villa was built in Kuwait for a car lover. He loves sporty luxury cars and even has a racing service center. Since he already uses Compact garage doors in this one and is enthusiastic about the doors, he wanted to have them in his own villa as well. Satisfied, he sent us pictures of the result. Of course not without one of his beautiful cars in front of it.

Why Compact garage doors?

He chose the space-saving Compact doors for his villa and the service center in order to use the space for lighting and other installations. It is also important for him that the lift can be extended without the rails being in the way. Of course, he also attached great importance to the design of the garage doors so that they match the luxury cars. He also opted for a couple of windows to let daylight into the building and a wicket door for easy access. Another plus point of the garage door is that Compact doors have no visible hinges and thus offer a perfect finish both outside and inside. Find out more about this beautiful project.

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