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Compact door with sustainable aluminium

sustainable aluminum for the Compact door

Sustainability is becoming more and more important in the production of building materials. Raw materials are becoming scarce and therefore the reuse of raw materials is becoming increasingly important. Fortunately, many suppliers are making more and more progress in facilitating production companies such as Rolflex in making their production process more sustainable.

Reused raw materials

Rolflex attaches great importance to sustainability. Did you know that we use sustainable raw materials? For example, we use recycled aluminium in various parts of the Compact overhead doors. The origin of this aluminium is completely traceable and all residues that arise during the production of the raw material are reused. The raw materials are collected and processed in recycling units in the Benelux, so that the raw materials do not have to be transported far to the Rolflex production site in the Netherlands.

Invest in the future

In addition to sustainability in the production of the door, we also attach importance to sustainability in use of the door. We use durable materials that reduce the need for repairs or replacements. This way we use less material. This is not only beneficial for our customers, but also for the environment.

Rolflex continuously invests in improving the production process and innovations around the Compact door. The aim of the innovation is to further improve sustainability, both in long-term use of the door without problems, and in reducing our ecological footprint.

Durability pays off

Would you like to know more about the durability of the Compact door? Read more about the door and discover our special projects. Stay tuned and invest in your future too.

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