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How do you clean a Compact door correctly?

Several Compact doors in a large hall

Your new Compact door looks gorgeous and fits in perfectly with the overall appearance of your building. It ensures the company looks inviting and exudes professionalism. Of course, it should stay that way in the years to come. Correct cleaning and care of the door is very important so that the color continues to shine and the door does not look weathered over the years. After all, the door is the face of the building. If it loses its beautiful appearance, it affects the entire building. But how do you clean a Compact door correctly?

Regular cleaning and care contributes to the durability of the door. The importance of material care is shown well by the example of the car. If the car’s paintwork is not cared regularly, the paint will dull and small scratches can be a target for rust.

Soiling can be caused by various weather conditions, but dirt can also accumulate on the door during daily work. The frequency of cleaning depends on the environment in which the door is installed. For example, a car dealership by the sea with salty air requires cleaning of the door more often than a car dealership in the lowlands.

The cleaning

You need:

  • Clean, lint-free, soft cloth
  • Clear, clean water
  • pH-neutral, non-abrasive cleaning agent (e.g. All-purpose cleaner)


Make sure that the motor and controls are switched off. To do this, disconnect the power supply. This avoids the risk of injury from unexpected opening or closing of the door.

Cleaning agents that are suitable for cleaning the Compact door_How do you clean a Compact door correctly

Cleaning process

In the case of light soiling, it is usually sufficient to rinse the door with running water.

For thorough cleaning, you can add a little all-purpose cleaner to warm water and clean the door with a soft cloth. It is best to rinse the door with running water beforehand. In this way you avoid scratching the surface with the sand that is still on the door.

Do you have glazing in your door? Check beforehand what material it is made of. If it is acrylic or polycarbonate, i.e. not real glass, these should only be cleaned with water and a little all-purpose cleaner. Do not use a glass cleaner! This would blind the windows. If the window has already gone blind, the only thing you can do is to replace it with a new one.

After you have removed the dirt from the door you can rinse it off with running water.

If necessary, remove leaves or cobwebs from the rail system. You can use an ordinary hand brush for this.

Always keep the strips of the light curtain clean to ensure the safety of the door.


Under no circumstances should you use aggressive cleaning agents such as glass cleaner or scouring milk for cleaning. Please do not use any rough or sharp objects to remove dirt.

With the Compact door, no lubrication of hinges or other moving parts is necessary! Do not use oils or fats, as these will attract dirt.

Make sure that no water gets into the motor and the electrical components!

Cleaning agents that are not suitable for cleaning the Compact door

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