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Flexitec goes Compact

Flexitec choose Compact

Flexitec is a successful producer of elevators of all kinds. For every specific situation, they will deliver a tailormade solution. Cargo elevators, personal elevators, car elevators, all produced in their own factory in the Netherlands. Flexitec and Rolflex have been working together for years. Flexitec does not only chose for Compact doors in their own factory, they also install them in their clients’ elevators.

Why does Flexitec chose for Compact doors?

Tailormade solutions

Both Rolflex and Flexitec offer tailormade solutions. See two of our projects below, where we installed Compact doors in their elevators.

Compact deur als liftdeur met kraanbaan boven de deuropening.
Compact deur als liftdeur voor goederenliften.

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