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Maintenance keeps your industrial door running

Mechanics share their knowledge

Every company wants to work efficiently. Continuity, quality and efficiency will certainly not be unfamiliar to you. Trouble-free operation of machines, devices, but also of the company doors are indispensable.

Many suppliers offer maintenance contracts to prevent serious problems. Because small problems can have significant consequences. Why is maintenance so important? Here are some reasons why maintenance is worthwhile.


Efficient operation has the highest priority for a company. The prerequisite for this is the continuous and trouble-free functioning of all machines and systems. Breakdowns of all kinds cost time and money. But they can be prevented. This also applies to industrial doors. Trouble-free access doors allow uninterrupted material traffic as well as the unhindered transport of finished products into and out of the factory premises. And efficient production processes in turn mean lasting customer satisfaction and operational profitability.

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Warning light

Safety is also an important reason for a company to invest in proper maintenance. Inadequately maintained machinery and equipment may pose a significant safety risk to production workers, but also to other employees. As part of regular preventive maintenance, parts are replaced at an early stage before they start to cause problems. A good example of this are our sectional doors. They are equipped with a safety system (light curtains) that detects, on the one hand, if people are underneath the door or if there are objects underneath, and on the other hand, if the door does not open or close properly. Routinely checking these safety systems is of utmost importance.


Furthermore, regular maintenance is necessary so that the warranty does not expire. The corresponding maintenance measures must usually be carried out by a specialist company, often by the supplier himself. This is because the supplier knows the product in question and usually has the right spare parts in stock. In this way, minor problems can be solved quickly. If maintenance is not carried out, there is a risk of expensive repairs. These should always be carried out by a qualified technician, using the appropriate spare parts. Otherwise, consequential problems may occur.

The parts used can cause underlying problems, so the costs add up later. A specialist is faster and makes a better repair. An example of this is companies that offer cheaper parts for phones, for example a cheaper charger for your phone. You buy it for 5 euros and your phone is initially charged. After a while of use, your charger catches fire along with everything that goes with it. The 20 euros you saved by buying this cheap charger leads to higher costs for a new phone! Not to mention the warranty, which unfortunately does not apply to a non-original charger.

Full glass Compact door

Extend life span

Space-saving Compact door

One factor you should not forget is the lifetime of your machinery. If you maintain your industrial door properly, you will significantly extend its life without major repairs. In addition to an extended service life, you invest in optimising the insulation value of your door. Maintenance is the key to preservation.


Maintenance also leads to a reduction in absenteeism. Poorly maintained company doors often do not have a good seal. Defective or poorly maintained company doors often stand open, which makes working behind these doors less pleasant and thus increases the absenteeism of your employees. During maintenance, worn seals are replaced by our technicians so that the doors are sufficiently draught-proof again.

The Compact door protects you against the elements

All in all, your company can continue to work efficiently with the maintenance of a specialist. Your machines and equipment have a longer life and are safe for you and your employees. The absenteeism of your employees decreases, the machines you use remain under warranty through maintenance and you comply with legal regulations. You save time and money!

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