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What is BIM?

Compact door BIM planning

Building Information Modeling, or BIM, is an innovative working method in the construction industry where various disciplines collaborate within a 3D model. This model serves as a comprehensive source of information about all aspects of a building, from design through construction to demolition. A central principle of BIM is the collaboration of different teams throughout the entire lifecycle of a building. For example, Rolflex offers a 3D file for a Compact Folding Door that can be integrated into BIM projects.

In practice, the significance of BIM depends on the perspective of the respective process participants:

  • In the overall project, BIM serves information management by providing relevant data to the right people at the right time.
  • For project participants, BIM enables an interoperable process for project execution by fostering collaboration among different teams for the conception, design, construction, and operation of the building.
  • For the design team, BIM signifies integral design by utilizing technological solutions, fostering creativity, and inspiring teams to achieve better performance.

To effectively work with BIM/REVIT, certain requirements must be met, such as a common digital platform and the use of open standards for information exchange. You can learn about these requirements and how to integrate the Compact Door into your BIM project in this article.

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