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From Roller shutters to Compact door

Rolflex Netherlands BV specializes in logistic solutions. Since the founding in 1978 we have been working on the development and production of roller shutters, overhead doors,loading and unloading systems. To meet the demand of a new generation of designers, builders and end users we developed the Compact door in the mid-nineties. Since that time we have continuously improved and developed this unique patented door.

Compact doors are developed and manufactured in Europe, in the Netherlands. The doors are produced here to the exact specifications and demands of the customer.

Worldwide distribution

In addition to the home market Compact doors are distributed through a network of dealers throughout the world. About 70% of the total production is exported. Stadiums, car factories and warehouses across Europe have Compact doors. Just like several fire stations in the UAE and military camps in Afghanistan. Compact doors are opening your way to the world. 

Are you an architect, contractor, end user or reseller and do you want to see our Compact doors with your own eyes? We would like you to visit our production facility and meet with our dedicated team of experts!

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