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2.3 Introduction

The unique folding Compact industrial door has been designed to incorporate the advantages of both Roller shutter and Overhead sectional doors and to overcome their inherent disadvantages. Detailed product information and technical literature is available on our interactive website The product is manufactured in The Netherlands and complies with all relevant European standards. It is available worldwide through our network of approved dealers.

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The Folding System


The patented side rail system enables the door panels to fold upwards into a compact space above the door opening. The smooth and quiet movement of the panels uses little energy guaranteeing a longer life cycle and lower maintenance costs.

Architects specifying the Compact Door have the advantage of providing more free space above the door for mechanical and electrical services, lighting, sprinklers and overhead cranes. Horizontal glazing can also be considered below the eaves. Unique safety features and an anti- theft device are built into the side rails.

The Compact door is both quick and easy to install. In buildings where there is restricted headroom it provides an opportunity to install an insulated folding door which can also be glazed and incorporate a wicket door.

The innovative Compact Door is designed in accordance with European standards and is manufactured by Rolflex Nederland BV to the highest standards in their automated production facility in the Netherlands. A worldwide network of approved and trained dealers is available for installation and maintenance.


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