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Refurbishment Firestation Helmstedt Germany

Publiceringsdatum: 13-03-2015 Refurbishment Firestation Helmstedt Germany

By our partner Walter Beyer Metallbau GmbH from Braunschweig in Germany a interesting project has been realised where 7 doors have been replaced by the Compact folding door. 

The firestation at Helmstedt has recently been completely refurbished both inside and out,and the old external doors removed.During the renovation it became clear that to install traditional sectional doors was not an option due to the lack of headroom and support from the roof for the overhead tracks was not possible.Therefore the only solution would be an outside installation.The Compact folding door would be ideal. The Compact door folds above the opening and is self supporting from the side rails. Is is easy to install on the outside of the building. The doors are protected against whether influences and have a proctection cover above the opening. The Compact door folds in the cover and a side motor is also protected by this cover.

All in all this is a good example of the application of a Compact door in a refurbishment project.


Refurbishment Firestation Helmstedt Germany   Refurbishment Firestation Helmstedt Germany   Refurbishment Firestation Helmstedt Germany

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