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Rolflex presents new foot brackets

Fecha de publicación: 06-04-2018 Rolflex presents new foot brackets

Improved foot brackets for the Compact folding door



These new Bottom brackets have some interesting advantages over the older type brackets.

The new brackets are supplied with a width guidance

  • The brackets give a smoother run over the track connections
  • The brackets allow the door a longer life time
  • The brackets allow the door to run with lesser adjustment needs, specially over time
  • The brackets require less precise door leaf adjustment to keep it running
  • Fully exchangeable with the old type Bottom brackets
  • Install with the same door clearance as before….the side-wheel compensates.

For more information please contact our sales team:


Bert Tiemessen      Frank Duenk - Exportmanager   Coen Tiemessen - Inside sales
Bert Tiemessen
     Frank Duenk
  Coen Tiemessen
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