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No roof penetration

Overhead sectional door 

Tracks connected to the roof

Tracks connected to the roof

Compact folding door

Choose the Compact folding door, no tracks connected to the roof, no penetration of the roof.

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Choose the Compact folding door

Next time in this situation: Remember the Compact folding door

Save time, money and space

One of the characteristics of an industrial building is the ceiling of steel plating. The rails of a traditional sectional door are often led along the ceiling, the disadvantage of which is that they also need to be fastened to it. This means that the ceiling panels must be drilled with a chance of damaging the roof.

With the Compact folding door there is no chance, because the door folds above the door opening, there is no steel construction on the ceiling. And therefore no chance of damage and in the worst case leakage. You save time, money and space!

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